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Handcraft Your
Karfa is a platform for entrepreneurs who are digitally enabling The Indian Karigars of handicrafts.

the hands & their crafts

Enabling Growth for Indian Artisanal Economy
Enabling Growth for
Indian Artisanal Economy

A unified initiative to preserve the

Indian Handicraft Heritage

KarFa Online

KarFa Online

Buy and sell handcrafted artworks with us.

KarFa Online is a platform that exhibits and promotes Indian handicrafts. It assists small business owners who want to develop a brand and share their creations with the rest of the world.

Creating a one-of-a-kind handcrafted artwork stage to display and sell your creations.

KarFa Studio

KarFa Studio

Grow a credible handicraft brand.

KarFa Studio enables entrepreneurs to co-create handicraft businesses that empower local artists and their craft while also allowing the venture to scale quickly.

Establishing a platform that strives to make your handicraft brand a great success.

KarFa Social

KarFa Social

Build and grow your handicraft business.

KarFa Social enables ambitious Individuals to set up their online handicraft store and earn through their network.

Empowering you to monetize your network.

Artisans Partnered


Saikiran Varma, a Telangana State Awardee noted for his involvement with the 400-year-old Cheriyal Paintings, is an artist at the forefront of the visual storytelling community. Saikiran is dedicated to not only preserving the Cheriyal Art but also establishing a path toward innovation.

Credits: Bridge Bharat


Mahesh Kumar Vishnoi is from Bhilwara, Rajasthan, and is a traditional Pichwai artist. He has been a student of the art form for the past 20 years. He has shown in New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Hyderabad, and has received the Rajasthan state award.

Credits: Bridge Bharat


Uttam Chitrakar, an Ojas Art Protégé Artist, began painting in the Kalighat pat style at a very young age. He is currently well-known for his depictions of gender identities, implying art with a social undertone.

Credits: Bridge Bharat


At Karfa we value traditional craft skills and empower artisans. We believe in building an ecosystem that is digitally transforming the Handicrafts business by enabling the Indian Karigars.
Karfa facilitates handcrafted products by creating an e-commerce platform for Indian Artisans, It helps resellers set up their online store and monetize their network, and create a platform to buy and sell handicrafts.

KarFa Online is a platform to buy and sell the exquisite handicrafts of India.
“This specially curated collection presents a beautiful representation of the diverse art forms, products and techniques of India. We hope you appreciate the painstaking work that goes into every creation.”

KarFa Studio is an end-to-end solution for entrepreneurs of the handicraft industry to build digital storefronts, raising the growth potential and profitability of their products by growing their sales and applying tech to them.

KarFa helps you set up an online store that’s both beautiful and easy to use. You can showcase unique, handcrafted items for your network, which are sourced directly from artisans across the nation.

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